Barrel sauna made of thermo-pine

The idea for a new sauna barrel for the sentiotec cabin range fell on „fertile soil“ - the Finn would say „Kaski“.

The new „Kaski“ barrel sauna from sentiotec offers the cosy atmosphere of a barrel combined with the option of a view. The sauna barrel is available in two different glazing options (half-glass pic 2 or full-glass pic 3) and three different sizes each.

The dark thermo-pine wood harmonises perfectly with the linden interior and gives the whole barrel a stylish touch.

■ Cabin made of thermo-pine, staves 40 mm (Wall 40 mm)
■ Interior made of linden
   ▪ 2 benches (width: 60 cm)
   ▪ 2 backrests
   ▪ Floor grid, 2-pieces
■ LED bar white light, dimmable, 76 cm long
■ Incl. roof covering - bitumen roof shingle black
■ Clear glass door made of 8 mm ESG glass
■ Feet made of impregnated wood
■ Heater protection grille
■ Suitable for electric and woodburning heaters
■ Mounting material und -instructions
■ Optional:
   ▪ LED set for color light in your cabin
   ▪ LED protective box (item no. 1-053-611 / LED-PB-TP)