smart home - smart sauna

Everyone’s talking about smart homes. Today’s newly constructed buildings, just like refurbished old buildings, should be economic, energy efficient and, above all, comfortable. Of course, convenience is also indispensable for an oasis of wellness within your own four walls. Many manufacturers of home bus systems are already promoting the option of using their systems to control sauna cabins. A temperature sensor and a relay are all that’s required, as the general consensus goes. This also functions in practice, however when it comes to the simple solutions on offer, no consideration was given to the fact that malfunctions can also occur. And people themselves are a considerable risk to the safety of a sauna, because most sauna fires can be attributed to human error. In order to minimise the risks involved in operating a sauna, specialists from many different areas of expertise joined forces and created the normative basis in the form of the standard EN 60335-2-53 to make using the home sauna safer. smart sauna – what do I need to observe?

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