PRO D2, PRO D2I ( Additional control unit Pro D2 white )

Innovative technology in the PRO D2:

  •  2-part sauna control unit (up to 4 sauna operating units can be used)
  •  Patented technology
  •  Installation of the operating unit possible inside and outside the sauna
  •  Maximum switching load of the heating system: 10.5 kW
  •  Light and fan switchable and dimmable (max. 100 W)
  •  Heating time limit can be raised for commercial use (6/12/18/24 h)
  •  Energy-efficient electronics
  •  Connection for the safety devices or door monitoring
  •  Single or dual sensor system
  •  Digital and precise-to-the-minute time preset
  •  Digital temperature preset and temperature display
  •  Remote start via potential-free contact
  •  Eco mode
  •  Status output
  •  Connection of an additional power booster (required for electric heaters with outputs of more than 10.5 kW)
  •  User profiles

Innovative technology in the PRO D2i (in addition to Pro D2):

  •  Additional output switchable up to 3.5 kW or 500 W dimmable (for infrared heater, for example, or infrared heater panels)
  •  Optional: Operating unit for additional output


  • WiFi capable in connection with the "BUS-CON-D" and "S-WIFI-01" as well as door sensor system or switch-off rocker capable for WiFi use
  • PRO D BUS converter for RS 485 connection  for house bus systems
  •  Power unit featuring a protection class IP65 housing (protection against jets of water)



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