Nextrema full spectrum radiator, white ( 500 W )

Mild infrared radiator

The white filter glass made of three-fold fired glass ceramics reduces the spectral components which, due to interaction with water molecules in the skin, would otherwise place an undesirable thermal load on the uppermost layer of skin.

Innovative technology:

  • Infrared A filter
  • Mild infrared emission for the body and gentle heat due to filtering out of the microwave radiation
  • No pre-heating, the maximum output is immediately available
  • Intrinsically safe due to overtemperature protection
  • Heatproof glass ceramic covering
  • Very good, uniform heat distribution due to built-in reflector
  • Optional: dark or stainless steel decorative panel or wooden lattice to 500 Watt
  • Offers the degree of protection IPX4 (suitable for saunas) in the installed state in combination with the front panels or wooden backrests
  • Available in 350, 500 and 750 W
  • Infrared radiator: A 9%, B 57%, C 34%

*Front panels and wooden lattice are not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.


All models

500 W

dimensions (W*D*H) [mm]150 x 63 x 818output [W]500coverglass

350 W

dimensions (W*D*H) [mm]150 x 63 x 658output [W]350coverglass

750 W

dimensions (W*D*H) [mm]150 x 63 x 818output [W]750coverglass