ECO full-spectrum radiator ( 750 - dark )

Maximum power without pre-heating

ECO full-spectrum radiators – effective in price and performance

Innovative technology:

  • No pre-heating, the maximum output is immediately achieved
  • Intrinsically safe due to overtemperature protection
  • Very good, uniform heat distribution due to built-in reflectors
  • As istalled, in combination with the front panels or wooden backrest, the glass version offers IPX4 protection (suitable for saunas), the lattice version IPX2 protection (suitable for infrared cabins)
  • Optional: Decorative panel in brushed stainless steel or black, painted stainless steel, wooden grilles can be use for radiators up to 500 Watt
  • Infrared radiation with glass: A 24%, B 55%, C 21%
  • Infrared radiation with lattice: A 14%, B 40%, C 46%

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