current delivery situation

In the last view months, we have been able to significantly improve the delivery capability of numerous product categories, we continue to be in a tense situation for some other products.
The reason for this, is the procurement of raw materials, price increases from suppliers and the persistent pandemic. We would like to inform you at this point about the current delivery situation.

Infra red cabins Venus Vital and Phönix

All orders we have received starting from June 2021 will not be delivered until spring 2022.

sentiotec heaters Concept R series, Home series, Qube

We try to deliver all heaters as soon as possible, but there may be waiting times of up to 16 weeks. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the high demand for our highest quality sauna heater models and the lack of availability of certain indispensable components.

sentiotec standard sauna cabins Alaska, Arktis, Polaris, Komfort, Wellfun, Basic

New orders are not expected to be delivered this year. The delivery time for new orders amounts to approx. 12 months, despite a second production line and the shift work we have started months ago.

sentiotec custom sauna projects

Currently a delivery time of 7 months must be expected.

sentiotec sauna controls

The delivery situation is gradually relaxing, there are still some products that have long or indeterminate delivery times due to single components.
Unfortunately, the situation concerning electronic components is currently very volatile, which can lead to longer delivery times again in autumn, if the demand remains high. But we are going to help with alternative products in the case.

Almost Heaven products

It is possible that delivery times last up to 5 or 6 months.
The reason for this is the poor availability of wood in America (red cedar).

In general, all goods from the Far East (SAWOTEC, sauna accessories,...) are also delayed because of the lack of container capacities.
Our employees in the office, warehouse and all other departments work at full speed to be able to process your orders as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.
Due to the high load factor, it may take longer to receive an answer from us.


We ask for your understanding and patience.

your sentiotec team