Onni Mini

element infrared cabin

“Onni” means “happiness” in Finnish and you will experience blissful moments in your Onni sauna. It is the ideal cabin for beginners and guarantees pure relaxation, not only with its design, but also its simple operation. Enjoy the soothing warmth. This moment in the Onni sauna is your own little bit of bliss.

■ Dimensions: 1000 x 1043 x 2000 mm
■ 1x 400 W IR red-light full-spectrum radiators (back)
■ Interior digital control unit
■ Reading light
■ Coloured light
■ Radio and MP3 player (USB port and Bluetooth)
■ Door hinge on right
■ Infrared radiation with glass

Item no. IR-ONNI-100-104, 1-053-078