ECO full-spectrum radiator

Maximum power without pre-heating

ECO full-spectrum radiators – Effective in price and performance

Innovative technology:

  • No pre-heating, the maximum output is immediately achieved
  • Intrinsically safe due to overtemperature protection
  • Very good, uniform heat distribution due to built-in reflectors
  • The glass version offers the degree of protection IPX4 (suitable for saunas),the lattice version the degree of protection IPX2 (suitable for infrared cabins) in the installed state in combination with the front panels or wooden backrests
  • Optional: decorative panel in black or stainless steel or wooden lattice to 500 Watt
  • Infrared radiation with glass: A 24%, B 55%, C 21%
  • Infrared radiation with lattice: A 14%, B 40%, C 46%

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